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With 30 years of experience, we are leaders in restoring historic buildings in the Worcester, MA area. We have worked on a variety of buildings, including churches, factories, armories, schools, and museums. At Central Mass Power Washing and Restoration, our historic restoration contractors take pride in completing each of our jobs successfully. Every historical restoration project we do is listed in the U.S. Register of Historic Buildings.

Historic Restoration Makes Structures Last

Restore the Beauty

Did you know that masonry and historic preservation are the main reasons why so many landmarks are still standing? Restoring buildings and keeping them in good condition is the best way to allow future generations to appreciate them and learn more about their history. Because of their age, it takes special care to clean these areas to avoid causing damage to the integrity of the substrate when doing a historical building restoration. At Central Mass Power Washing and Restoration, we have years of training and experience behind our backs so count on us when it comes to restoring old buildings.

Rely on Our Experienced Masonry Restoration Contractors

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Schedule a restoration of buildings to keep your properties in good condition. This is also a nice way to prolong their lifespan. Allow more people to appreciate these landmarks and give them the possibility of seeing them like they once looked. Reach out to our historic restoration contractors today and request more information. We offer free estimates on our historical restoration service, so don’t hesitate to discuss your project with us.

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